Wrapping up the 2018 Five Passes, a hell of a set of Xmas presents !!


Gill Gray, Paul Voorend and Jamie MacKay got themselves down to Christchurch, over the passes, through the torrential rain & sleet to battle the elements and have a great time in a newly launched 5 Passes.  Have a chat to them, the competition was hot, the people great and the views stunning.

Gill came away adorned in a bunch of new leaders jerseys, Paul with enhanced climbing skills and Jamie added a decent few cms to his quads (time on the front!) – a nice set of Xmas presents to be used in 2019.

We asked for them to sum up the event in a few words (censored for print of course), here’s the result;

  • Racing;   Fast, Brutal, Competitive, Tough and Clicky, with some nice people !  
  • Wind;   100km side winds, Head winds & Tail winds
  • Weather;  Hot sun 28 degrees & Sleet (not at the same time)
  • Location; Epic views when you could see them, Good roads & Great climbs
  • Organisation; Slick, great volunteers, Great food, good help / package for out of towners - good mechanic to help set up and pack down & a shuttle to and from airport 

“Would you do it again ?” - Hell yeah, but next time I’m going back with a team and we’re going to work them over !!!

Bring it on.     5 Passes