Official Tarbaby Cycle Kit

All riders are encouraged to wear the Onslow Tarbabies cycling kit. There is a wide range of club cycling clothing available in various size and styles manufactured by Champion Systems.



jersey back and front 400bibs all sides 400



Commonly ordered items are as follows:


  • Short-sleeve jersey (tech $106; performance $150; apex $188)
  • Long-sleeve tech jersey $125
  • Performance  cycle shorts (with endurance chamois) $163
  • Performance bib shorts (with endurance chamois) $171
  • Apex bib shorts $200
  • Performance winter knickers bib style $200
  • Performance winter tights bib style $224
  • Apex winter tights bib style $273
  • Tech wind vest (light weight) $ 115
  • Performance wind vest (with pockets) $125
  • BMX / Downhill jersey $127
Champion System has upgraded its winter jackets with various weights as well as various wind and water proofing across its three tiers of clothing, tech, performance and apex.
Please look on the Champion System website for full descriptions .


If you wish to

  • reorder
  • discuss sizing or style options
  • try on some samples
  • make a general enquiry

Please contact our clothing coordinator via this  email with your enquiry